[FFmpeg-user] Negative start

Marcus Engene ffmpeg2 at engene.se
Sat Aug 30 14:13:54 CEST 2014

> Unrelated:
> "--enable-filter=movie" and "--enable-pthreads"
> are default, you can remove them.
> Note that if pthreads or the movie filter are
> not available, your configure line will not fail
> (the options are just nops).
> And note that a better aac encoder than libfaac exists.

Thanks. It's old settings that lingered.

>>     Duration: 00:00:19.62, start: -6.607608, bitrate: 35168 kb/s
> The input file has a negative start time.
> What is wrong with a negative start time?

The first six seconds are just black and then the video starts.
If I view it in Quicktime, there's a mosaic jitter in the beginning, 
like it's missing an initial keyframe.
So I'm a bit confused what to do here. It's clearly 19s of content. And 
the six blank seconds after ffmpeg transcode is according to Occam's 
Razor the -6 start thing.


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