[FFmpeg-user] Quicktime Files create with -vtag aivx

Rens Dijkshoorn rens at onlinemedia.nl
Tue Dec 2 15:54:45 CET 2014

> Rens Dijkshoorn <rens <at> onlinemedia.nl> writes:
> > With this patch no matter what you use as 
> > -vtag ai12 or no vtag option. The vtag is always 
> > set to aivx (checked with Dumpster). 
> > But the resulting file won't play in any 
> > Quicktime Player or FCPX

> Then I will need a small (!!) input sample or you 
> test if the exact issue is reproducible with 
> -f lavfi -i testsrc=s=4k and provide the two 
> command lines so I can test myself.

ffmpeg -f lavfi -i testsrc=s=4k FFMPEG.MOV has not the
same effect, but won't play in Quicktime either

I have a found a sample for testing which has a size of 71MB.
to big for email any suggestions

Commands used to create quicktime from XAVC MXF

ffmpeg -i /Volumes/XAVC/XAVC_001_4096P25\@250MBPS.MXF -c copy -vtag aivx FFMPEG_VX.MOV
ffmpeg -i /Volumes/XAVC/XAVC_001_4096P25\@250MBPS.MXF -c copy -vtag ai12 FFMPEG_12.MOV

The patched version always has a vtag aivx.


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