[FFmpeg-user] Question on use of ffmpeg by a not-for-profit that creates a free product

Michael Darr mdarr at acs.org
Tue Dec 2 16:57:15 CET 2014

I am looking to use an audio conversion tool that will convert mp3 to ogg as well as down-convert mp3 files to a certain bit rate.  I will be using this tool to create a product from customer supplied files that will then be made free to the public.  My company does not allow me to reference other companies publicly or allow them to use our name on lists made by any company to say we use their product.  The product I am making is just a customer presentation that we are customizing into a web friendly presentation.  So it's not like I am creating an application to be decimated by others.  Would I be ok using ffmpeg with the limitations from my legal dept or no?

Michael Darr
D33 - ACS Pubs IT
614.447.3600 ext. 3424

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