[FFmpeg-user] AVCHD files

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Tue Dec 9 00:10:26 CET 2014

emaggiani <at> libero.it <emaggiani <at> libero.it> writes:

> Hi,Could someone give me any hints to deal with AVCHD 
> (*.MTS) files with free software?

They are supposed to work fine with FFmpeg and friends, 
including MPlayer.

> I've tried mplayer (MPlayer SVN-r37150-4.8.3) with no result.

"no result" is unfortunately not a helpful bug description.

> ffmpeg (version 2.1.5) seems go better

Command line and complete, uncut console output missing 
if you need help here.

Transport streams have no magic number because they have 
no beginning, file is useful to detect if a file is not 
a multimedia file (but something else), if you know that 
your file is a multimedia file, we recommend "ffmpeg -i 
file" to detect what it is.

Carl Eugen

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