[FFmpeg-user] AVI and Timecode

Phil Rhodes phil_rhodes at rocketmail.com
Fri Dec 12 22:48:41 CET 2014

Lots of people will try to tell you AVI doesn't support various things, or that the picture quality is worse than Quicktime, or whatever. This is of course untrue. The problem is that there hasn't ever really been a particularly widely-supported way of including timcode in AVIs. I'm not aware that ffmpeg has ever supported doing so in a way that Premiere can read. My information may be out of date, but the last time I checked, Premiere liked "tdat" chunks in AVI files, and also seems to write XML chunks containing timecode, among other things. This is relatively trivial to implement if one already has a RIFF file writer, but it doesn't surprise me that there's never been much demand for it.
That said I'm surprised you're having problems with prores quicktimes, which are usually quite reliable. What version of Premiere are you using?

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