[FFmpeg-user] dvd_nav_packet & mapping order issue

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Mon Dec 15 14:36:38 CET 2014

Sub Phil <phil4000n <at> gmail.com> writes:

> >Writing dvdnav packets is not supported.
> I haven't seen that in the documentation, 
> maybe it should stated.

> By the way, how do you than specify to copy 
> all streams but dvdnav packets??

The map option supports a "-" parameter, that 
should work, if not, provide your command line 
(Try -map -0:d)

> > but unless you can explain a negative 
> > effect this has, there is no issue.
> Well, I do.

> I can't properly concat files now.

You should not use FFmpeg to concat vob files.
(You can use it to transcode them.)
There is 'cat' and there is 'mplayer -dumpstream' 
and there is 'tools/dvd2concat'.
All three are better suited.

> Indeed, has the ffmpeg output has streams 
> order changed

As explained, vob files (mpeg program streams) 
do not have a "stream order", since you cannot 
change something that does not exist, FFmpeg 
does not change the order of streams in vob 

Please fix your quoting, Carl Eugen

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