[FFmpeg-user] Applying filters for selected frames?

Jan Sever n32 at email.cz
Sun Dec 21 17:52:16 CET 2014

Hi all,

is it possible to apply filters (-vf) in ffmpeg only for selected frames? E.
g. to apply a filter for first ten minutes and not apply for the rest of 
movie? I'm now solving a problem of badly deinterlaced movies, which have 
some parts not deinterlaced while the rest is.

I didn't find this possibility in man page so I assume it's not supported 
(yet). Is it possible to add the support for example in this form:
ffmpeg ... -vf yadif=0-10:00,20:00-30:00 ...
to get only first and third 10 minutes deinterlaced?

Thank you in advance,
Jan Sever

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