[FFmpeg-user] Applying filters for selected frames? [SOLVED]

Jan Sever n32 at email.cz
Sun Dec 21 23:34:16 CET 2014

On 12/21/2014 11:16 PM, Nicholas Robbins wrote:
> That was my original thread. I've worked through various combination of 
interlaced, progressive, telecined, filmrate, etc. I've worked out various 
ffmpeg settings that work for most of these situations. Post if you have one 
that you are not happy with (for mixed progressive interlaced, I use 
> -vf idet,yadif=mode=1:deint=interlaced,fps=fps=60000/1001
> and that has worked. You can remove the fps filter at the end if you don't 
care about producing CFR video.
Thank you for this thread, I used the parameters (save fps) and it worked like
 a charm: I had been sad of mixed records from Czech Television but now I can 
see there's nothing Open Source would be unable of.

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