[FFmpeg-user] Filter to chain to handle progressive/interlaced/telecined

Wesley Wen delbin.wen at gmail.com
Thu Dec 25 11:18:47 CET 2014

We're working on generating FFmpeg command to transcode a set of files. The
file would be progressive, interlaced, or telecined (23.98 -> 59.94i);
there is no mixed content, i.e. progressive + interlaced. We want to have
one FFmpeg command to deal with those three kinds of content (if possible).
After doing some research, I prepare the command as below:

ffmpeg -i source.ts -c:v libx264 -vf

And here are my questions:
* Is the filter chain ideal for our purpose?
* How can I specify the length of closed GOP? I used to use -g to specify
the GOP length as same as fps. However, I might not know the fps without
parsing it. And the real problem is telecined, I want the result file to
have closed GOP = 23.98.


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