[FFmpeg-user] LLossless (10 Bit RGB 444) and (10 Bit YUV 422) Compression

Jason Freets jasonslife at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 27 02:33:01 CET 2014

> Jason Freets <jasonslife <at> hotmail.com> writes:
> > Still, it was not possible to use FFMPEG to do the 
> > same with r10k (10 Bit RGB 444) such as Blackmagic 
> > or AJA codecs.
> I tested the following:
> $ ffmpeg -f lavfi -i testsrc -t 10 -vcodec r210 out.avi
> $ ffmpeg -i out.avi -vcodec ffv1 -pix_fmt gbrp10 -coder 1 out2.avi
> $ ffmpeg -i out2.avi -vcodec r210 out3.avi
> out.avi and out3.avi are identical.
> Please provide the input sample for which the conversion(s) 
> are not lossless.

Here above, you are testing for r210 (FourCC: r210) :

Yet, I said FFMpeg does handle v210 (FourCC: v210) just fine:

I never mentioned r210. So, not sure why r210 in in our discussions.

We are talking about two seperate things. I'm instead talking about r10k which is (R10k, R10g):

Based on your most recent testing, FFMpeg seems to handle r210 fine. From my testing, FFMpeg handles v210 fine too.  My intention is not to discuss r210 or v210. However, what FFMpeg does not handle, is r10k. It is r10k that FFMpeg has issues with (not r210 or v210). You should re-read my last test runs in my prior email.  

So the commands I used in my last email post was:

//10 Bit RGB 444 r10k lossless original -> to FFV1 (lossless compressed)
ffmpeg -i "r10kOriginalFile.avi" -pix_fmt gbrp10le -vcodec ffv1 -coder 1 -c:a copy r10kToFFV.avi -f framemd5 -an r10kToFFV.framemd5

//FFV1 (lossless compressed) -> 10 Bit RGB 444 r10k lossless original
ffmpeg -i r10kToFFV.avi -pix_fmt gbrp10le -vcodec r10k -c:a copy FFVTor10k.avi -f framemd5 -an FFVTor10k.framemd5

So again, here my goal with FFMpeg is:
10 Bit RGB 444 r10k lossless original ->  FFV1 (lossless compressed) -> 10 Bit RGB 444 r10k lossless original

However, I've not been able to get FFMpeg to lossless compress and decompress r10k. This is the problem I am having.

Hopefully that helps clarify,


Jason =)

> Thank you, Carl Eugen
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