[FFmpeg-user] LLossless (10 Bit RGB 444) and (10 Bit YUV 422) Compression

Jason Freets jasonslife at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 31 00:21:05 CET 2014

> Subject: Re: [FFmpeg-user] LLossless (10 Bit RGB 444) and (10 Bit YUV 422)	Compression
> Jason Freets <jasonslife <at> hotmail.com> writes:
> > No, you were not unclear. The 2 files I uploaded 
> > were created by the AJA codec. Before your fix, 
> > only the r10k (Little Endian) file did not play. 
> > The R10K (Big Endian) always did play fine (before 
> > and after your fix). With your new fix, now the 
> > r10k (Little Endian) also now plays correctly 
> > using FFmpeg.
> Unfortunately, this is not what I wanted to know;-(
> Any chance that you could test what I asked for?

I believe you wanted me to run:

ffmpeg -f lavfi -i testsrc -t 10 -vcodec r10k out.avi

Yes, this does work. It creates a R10K (Big Edian) video file. The R10K (Big Edian) video file does play.  

Since the "-vcodec r10k" is a little 'r' I was expecting a "r10k" (Little Endian) video file.

To me it would be nice if:

"ffmpeg -f lavfi -i testsrc -t 10 -vcodec R10k out.avi" would output a R10k (Big Endian) video file.


"ffmpeg -f lavfi -i testsrc -t 10 -vcodec r10k out.avi" would output a r10k (Little Endian) video file.

That depends if the "-vcodec r10k" is case sensitive.

> > So the question I have is if there will be a fix 
> > put in place to have FFmpeg write r10k (Little 
> > Endian)? Too hard to do? Or?
> Useless?
> Or don't you agree?

No, it would not be useless for me. I have a lot of r10k (Little Endian) video files. I suppose it's a "nice" to have. It would make things consistent that FFmpeg can Input and Ouput both R10k and r10k. I then have a way to convert from r10k to FFV1 and back to the original r10k when needed. 

If I could, I'd put it in because I would make good use of it. But, I suppose if I am the only one, then I suppose that makes it a bit useless too. However, those who use AJA would know they could use FFmpeg; that's a nice thing. So, I and others would benefit from it if and where r10k is used.  

I suppose that's something for you to have to decide. Obviously, no one has complained about r10k (Little Endian) support under FFmpeg but me...haha. Obviously, I can't put it in myself. If I could, I would for everyone.

Still, I have no way to validate my conversion from r10k to FFV1? How do I know frames are not corrupt? 



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