[FFmpeg-user] LLossless (10 Bit RGB 444) and (10 Bit YUV 422) Compression

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Wed Dec 31 01:39:08 CET 2014

Jason Freets <jasonslife <at> hotmail.com> writes:

> I can convert to R10k. However, If I am to use 
> FFMpeg, then that seems like my only option since 
> FFmpeg won't output r10k. It means I can NEVER go 
> back to r10k though once I convert to FFV1 using 
> FFmpeg.

Why do you want to "go back" to r10k?
What is the advantage over using R10k?

> With v210, for example I could convert from v210 
> to FFV1 and then back to v210 and verify that 
> the conversion was correct.

How did you verify it?
Didn't you use FFmpeg and hoped that 
its verification methods are correct?

If you trust the verification of FFmpeg, you can 
still do:
$ ffmpeg -i input -f framecrc crc1.txt
$ ffmpeg -i input -vcodec ffv1 -pix_fmt gbrp10 -coder 1 out.avi
$ ffmpeg -i out.avi -vcodec r10k out2.avi
$ ffmpeg -i out2.avi -pix_fmt bgr48 -f framecrc crc2.txt
I would bet (not my fingers but still) that crc1.txt 
and crc2.txt are identical.
But this of course does not rule out bugs and I 
sincerely hope you read FFmpeg's license before 
using it...

Carl Eugen

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