[FFmpeg-user] Is this a video file?

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Sat Mar 1 12:37:56 CET 2014

Am 01.03.2014 12:09, schrieb Christian Ebert:
> * Reindl Harald on Friday, February 28, 2014 at 14:47:05 +0100
>> RTFM aka "file --help"
> That is rather platform dependent.
>> [harry at srv-rhsoft:/data/autotest/parts/ffmpeg/targets]$ file --mime-type *
> [...]
>> test.webm:        video/webm
> [...]
> $ file --mime-type test.webm
> test.webm: application/octet-stream
> $ sw_vers
> ProductName:	Mac OS X
> ProductVersion:	10.9.2
> BuildVersion:	13C64

funny for people running a webserver on that crap with HTML5 videos.....
the OS version is *not* relevant
the version of the file command and the magic file *is* relevant

[harry at srv-rhsoft:~]$ file --version
magic file from /etc/magic:/usr/share/misc/magic

[harry at srv-rhsoft:~]$ rpm -q --file /etc/magic

[harry at srv-rhsoft:~]$ rpm -q --file /usr/share/misc/magic

i bet the reason is that the file command on OSX is a
horrible outdated version like usual other CLI tools
like bash are at that time webm was not known at all

honestly OSX is not a serious operating system becasue it
behaves always and in any context different than anything
else and that said by 11 years wondering people around me
working with that while angry about the buggy system and
i have enough expierience with OSX on servers to flare
down any X-Server i find

anyways, the thread starter is using Linux because i know
the name from Fedora Bugreports and mailing-lists too

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