[FFmpeg-user] flags +ildct+ilme produce corrupted file

Massimo Battistel battistel at gmail.com
Wed Mar 5 15:14:24 CET 2014

> > 1. How to know the exact differencies between the 2 presets?
> Did you already try to reproduce your issue with the x264
> binary? If it is reproducible with x264, you could ask on
> the x264 mailing list, if it is not reproducible with
> x264, there is probably a bug in FFmpeg which we will try
> to fix.

I tried this command line:

x264 --preset ultrafast -o out.h264 ref.mp4

Not sure it is exactly like the one with ffmpeg, but output video is fine,
no errors. I think I can't add field order infos, since it generates just a
video track.

> > 2. Is there any relation between my issue and #993? (
> > http://trac.ffmpeg.org/ticket/993)
> Only if you problem is not reproducible with -threads 1

 The problem persists with -threads 1 (and ffmpeg command line).

Massimo Battistel.

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