[FFmpeg-user] Does the fast and accurate seeking work on rtmps streams ( used for resuming download ) ?

Han Jiang oglops at gmail.com
Wed Mar 12 04:05:11 CET 2014

hi all i'm downloading some long videos from a rtmps url, it works
perfectly but when network hiccups , download stopped before it finishes,
basically i want to check the already downloaded unfinished .mp4 video
length via ffprobe,  then pass -ss to the ffmpeg command line as the
save another file, at last concatenate these files.

the problem is the fast and accurate seeking seems not working . i used the
latest windows static 64bit build from

fast seeking seems working : ( download starts immediately , seeking is
indeed "fast")

ffmpeg -ss 00:30:00 -i "rtmps://xxx option=xxx" out.mp4

accurate seeking seems working too: ( download only start after 30min ,
it's slow )

ffmpeg -i "rtmps://xxx option=xxx" -ss 00:30:00 out.mp4

but the hybrid fast and accurate seeking is not working

ffmpeg -ss 00:29:00 -i "rtmps://xxx option=xxx" -ss 00:01:00 out.mp4

This is suggested by the wiki page, but it seems has no effect
(download still starts after 29min or 30min)

am i missing something ?

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