[FFmpeg-user] ffserver current status to feed the next audio

Maxim Novikov csbubbles at gmail.com
Fri Mar 14 10:30:22 CET 2014

I am trying to make ffserver work to stream audio to run an internet radio
station. So far the streaming itself works, I can stream and feed audio
files to ffserver running ffmpeg. What I cannot figure out is how I could
get some status information about how much data is left in the current
buffer that ffserver is going to play, so I would know when exactly to
supply the next track at the right time. ffserver's stat page is not much
of help, unfortunately, otherwise I could have monitored and parsed it at
least to get what I need.

If you cannot get that kind of information, streaming with ffserver gets
kind of useless, as you have no idea whether it is still playing something,
failed for some reason or anything else happened, and as a result you do
not know when to feed next data (and you may either overload the buffer, or
have huge pauses in your stream).

Can you please help me out here and answer whether it is possible to get
that info I need from ffserver somehow, and if yes, then how?

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