[FFmpeg-user] libav* : configure amerge filter

Mr Artichaut mr.artichaut at gmail.com
Thu Mar 13 20:56:18 CET 2014

Sorry, I miss your answer. Thank you !

In fact, it's not amerge that I need but amix, but I think it's the same in
terms of configuration.

I've setup my filters graph (2 abuffers, 1 amix, 1 abuffersink), I've got
no error while decoding input files, writing frames in the graph, encoding
them in the output file but in the end it's just noise.

But it's not random noise, I can recognize the pitch of one of my sounds,
so I think it's just one thing that is misconfigured.

Should I configure the abuffersink with a sample rate, a channel layout
etc. or is it to be done in the output context ? Should I first read each
input files and then writing the buffersink in the output or should I write
the output in the same time that I read the inputs ?

I know it's difficult to help without the whole code and I don't want to
bother you, but after looking all the examples and searching the web I
didn't found any example with my configuration (multiple inputs, a complex
graph and on ouput).

Thank you.

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