[FFmpeg-user] Trouble using -ss -t with dvcpro50 files

Jacky 690271929 at qq.com
Wed Mar 19 01:24:55 CET 2014

the source file duration is 00:06:43.200,but you want seek to 0:10:35.700

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From:  "Shlomo Morosow";<shlomorosow at gmail.com>;
Date:  Wed, Mar 19, 2014 04:45 AM
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Subject:  [FFmpeg-user] Trouble using -ss -t with dvcpro50 files

Recently I've been encountering a strange problem which I don't seem to
find any info online regarding anything similar, unless of course I'm using
the wrong keywords while googling it (probably the case). I hope that
perhaps someone here can shed some light on the matter:

With a particular file(type) which is dvcpro50 contained within an avi,
when I use any syntax (that otherwise works flawlessly on the given file)
with the added parameters of -ss and -t it won't export anything but the
audio unless I've set the -ss to anywhere in the first few minutes of the
video which then it works fine.

Further, I've set ffplay to play using the same parameters as for
converting video and it has identical results: it won't seek to the
referenced frame yet it can play the same file from the beginning or with
an -ss set to somewhere in the first few minutes.

Here's an example, but keep in mind I've tried this with many output
formats and they all work fine until the time is entered (anywhere past the
first few minutes)
ffmpeg.exe -y  -ss 0:10:35.700 -i input.AVI -t 0:02:35.600 -map 0 -c copy

I've attached a .txt file with what I get from ffmpeg when trying the above

I've been having this issue with multiple files and they're all of the same
codec (dvcpro50) and I don't seem to have it on any other file types.
Perhaps be something unique to this codec.

I hope someone can help me with this, Thanks

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