[FFmpeg-user] DVB subtitling

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Thu Mar 20 09:31:49 CET 2014

Tadas Mačėnas <Tadas.Macenas <at> teo.lt> writes:

> My question is about DVB subtitles. I want to encode and 
> save DVB subtitles as dvb format file. Is it possible?

(What is a "dvb format file"? Do you have a sample of such 
a file?)

> “dvb_subtitle” codec is supported for decoding and encoding 
> (ffmpeg -codecs), but I can’t find DVB format on supported 
> formats list (ffmpeg -codecs).

DVB subtitles are only supported in transport streams.

Please test current FFmpeg git head before reporting 
problems here.

Please do not attach screen-shots (unless asked to), this 
is never useful!

(I am not sure if you can convert subrip -> dvbsub, see 
also various dvbsub related tickets on trac.)

Carl Eugen

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