[FFmpeg-user] support for .oga and .ogx formats? (sort of feature request)

roger21 roger21 at free.fr
Tue Mar 25 14:07:43 CET 2014


i'm surprised the .oga format is not supported while the .ogv is, and 
they both seems to be aliases to .ogg anyway

since .oga is the official extension of the audio/ogg MIME type (just 
like .ogv is the official extension for the video/ogg  MIME type) it 
would be nice to have both https://wiki.xiph.org/MIMETypesCodecs

i understand .ogx could be a bit more complicated since the format seems 
more featured

so my question would be, is there an explanation, is it experimental, is 
it so lame that nobody care anyway?


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