[FFmpeg-user] DVD-Subtitles in matroska container converted by ffmpeg won't disappear playing with vlc

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Wed Mar 26 15:45:37 CET 2014

Le quartidi 4 germinal, an CCXXII, Bernd Butscheidt a écrit :
> That why I chose "-scodec dvdsub" instead of "-scodec copy".

I am sorry, I did not read your mail carefully enough.

> So the vlc-guys are right when telling that "they" (which means vlc) does
> everything correctly and the problem lies with the dvdsub encoder?

> Well, since no one seems to know I assume yes, at least adding the option
> "-fix_sub_duration" seems to solve the playback-problem with vlc. So the
> whole, hopefully right, command in the case discussed is:

To transcode dvbsub into dvdsub, -fix_sub_duration is indeed required,
because dvbsub do not have a duration in the packets and dvdsub need one.

I am a bit surprised it prevents the subtitles from showing, though, I see
no reason for that since the file is locally valid.


  Nicolas George
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