[FFmpeg-user] support for .oga and .ogx formats? (sort of feature request)

roger21 roger21 at free.fr
Sun Mar 30 00:26:25 CET 2014

ok so i saw that "oga" is now a format in the "ffmpeg -formats" list and 
that is nice

but now i am confused, i said the "ogv" format is supported because i 
made an "ogv" file just by using the ".ogv" extension (and yes it made 
something quite identical to ogg and it was ok for me - and it still 
works) but i actually have two issues about that now:

first, i tried to fake an "ogx" file into an "ogv" file using the "-f 
ogv" parameter and it didn't work because it didn't know what that "ogv" 
format was (i eventually used -f ogg instead)

without "-f":

[NULL @ 02df8020] Unable to find a suitable output format for 
video.ogx.theora.vorbis.c.c.ogx: Invalid argument

with "-f ogv":

[NULL @ 02df8020] Requested output format 'ogv' is not a suitable output 
video.ogx.theora.vorbis.c.c.ogx: Invalid argument

and then, "ogv" is not in the format list (as "oga" is now)

so i was thinking "ogv" is a sloppy clone, not in the list, not usable 
with "-f" ... but as i see it now for "oga" (wich is a total clone) all 
of that is false, it is in the list and i can use it with "-f" ...

so at the end i don't understand what is "ogv" for ffmpeg and shouldn't 
it be usable just as "oga" now or does "oga" have to much privileges now?

(yes, confused)

Le 25/03/2014 17:31, Carl Eugen Hoyos a écrit :
> roger21 <roger21 <at> free.fr> writes:
>> i'm surprised the .oga format is not supported while the .ogv is
> Should be fixed, thank you for the report!
> Carl Eugen
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