[FFmpeg-user] Using FFMPEG to transcode Blu-ray compliant video

Paul Atkins goodpaul at gmail.com
Fri May 2 20:42:46 CEST 2014


I need to convert my compressed video into a Blu-ray compliant format.  I
have been up and down the web but have not found anyone who has used FFMPEG
for this purpose.  I have tried to seek help from the Doom9 forum:


But so far, no luck.  I am using a build of FFMPEG that I just
cross-compiled about a month ago.  Here is the code I am calling to begin
the transcode:

    x264options =
    strCmd = "ffmpeg.exe -y -i " & INPUT_PATH & INPUT_FILE & " -c:v libx264
-level:v 4.1 -preset veryslow -tune film -crf 16 -r 59.94 -x264opts " &
x264options & " -x264-params " & x264options & " -c:a copy " & OUTPUT_NAME

I am duplicating all of my x264 options into both x264opts and x264-params
as I heard some work in one and not the other.  One glaring difference
between what I am doing and the reference on the x264bluray.com site is
that I am not able to use the pulldown option, but I am trying to achieve
the same thing with a framerate change in the FFMPEG command line to take
my 720p29.97 video to 720p59.94.

Have you or anyone you know of been able to get FFMPEG to successfully
encode Blu-ray compliant video?


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