[FFmpeg-user] Why Does ffprobe Report an Incorrect Number of Frames?

John G skeeve99 at yahoo.com.au
Thu May 8 02:28:59 CEST 2014

>> --enable-bzlib --enable-iconv --enable-zlib
>Unrelated: Is this a Zeranoe build?
>(These option don't work the way people expect.)


>> frame=   18 fps=0.0 q=0.0 size=N/A time=00:00:00.08 

>> bitrate=N/A dup=13 drop=0    
>This means the input has actually even less frames 
>(and is VFR), you can use -vsync 0 to force FFmpeg to 
>output one frame for (exactly) every input frame.
>(By default, the output for images is cfr.)

Sorry... VFR?? CFR?  As I say, I'm not too flash on the terminology (yet).


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