[FFmpeg-user] Why Does ffprobe Report an Incorrect Number of Frames?

John G skeeve99 at yahoo.com.au
Thu May 8 14:25:13 CEST 2014

>> c:\> ffprobe -select_streams v -count_frames -show_entries

>> stream=nb_read_frames sample.avi
>> [STREAM] nb_read_frames=1619 [/STREAM]
>> ...which is not the 6999 or so.
>Well looking at your sample it's not really 200 fps in the sense that
>playing it with say mplayer will output 6999, but frame stepping will
>show that the frames are often the same, so it's fake 200 fps and I
>assume ffprobe is counting "real" frames.

That's another (related) question (probably for another time)... as the videos I'm working with have many duplicate frames and I want to get rid of them automatically... but mplayer's "decimate", for example, doesn't really get rid of them/reduce them either..

I always thought the '200fps' seemed weird... 


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