[FFmpeg-user] Setting up buffer_size

Raúl Mansilla raul.mansilla at overon.es
Tue May 13 15:43:07 CEST 2014

Hello all, 


Does anyone know how to set up correctly the buffer_size option for udp
stream inputs? I´ve read the next for fifo_size:


 First of all the input bit rate (in kbit/sec) dictates the length of the
buffer size:
input_rate = buf_size / time, which means that buf_size = input_rate * time 

So, if you want to have 10 seconds of buffered input of 512 kbit/sec, you
should set your buf_size to:
buf_size = 512 kbit/sec * 10 sec = 5120 kbit = 640 kB (that means




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