[FFmpeg-user] How to overlay several pictures onto your video

Raúl Mansilla raul.mansilla at overon.es
Tue May 20 12:18:11 CEST 2014


Good to hear this helped you :-)

Are you using this for burning advertisements or elevators into the video?

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Op Monday 19 May 2014 21:54 CEST schreef Raúl Mansilla:

> I think you must send the first overlay to another label an then
> overlay the second image on the previous label....
>> "[0:v][1:v]overlay=0:0:enable=between(t\,0\,7) [temp];
>> [temp][2:v]overlay=0:0:enable=between(t\,40\,45)" \

Works likes a charm. I know use:
  -filter_complex \
    "   [0:v][1:v]    overlay=0:0:enable=between(t\,0\,7) [stage1];
     [stage1][2:v] overlay=0:0:enable=between(t\,40\,45)  [stage2];
     [stage2][3:v]overlay=0:0:enable=between(t\,105\,110) [stage3];
     [stage3][4:v]overlay=0:0:enable=between(t\,210\,214) [stage4];
     [stage4][5:v]overlay=0:0:enable=between(t\,270\,275) [stage5];
     [stage5][6:v]overlay=0:0:enable=between(t\,306\,310) [stage6];
     [stage6][7:v]overlay=0:0:enable=between(t\,415\,421) [stage7];
     [stage7][8:v]overlay=0:0:enable=between(t\,515\,523) [stage8];
     [stage8][9:v]overlay=0:0:enable=between(t\,622\,642) [stage9];
     [stage9][10:v]overlay=0:0:enable=between(t\,722\,792)" \

That saves me a lot of time. :-D

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