[FFmpeg-user] Stream blocks when system time changes

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> > For Olivier:
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> > 1. Unfortunely my platform is Windows 7 64 bit.
> > 2. I made the test. The freeze is not in the player, is in ffmpeg.
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> > Anyway it would be useful to have another clock reference to avoid
> > that small clock adjustment could freeze a stream.
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> hello,
> I've seen there have been some commits regarding this improvement.
> 1. Do I need to specify some option on command line to enable new clock
> reference?

No, whenever a relative time interval is measured, av_gettime_relative() is used and will solve the  stream freezes that you are experiencing on supported platforms.

> 2. Is Windows platform is supported? And if not, will it be?
Windows is not supported now but it could if someone wanted to take a look and modify av_gettime_relative() for Windows. I am no Windows programmer but one possible option could be to use the function QueryPerformanceCounter() which is, from what I have read, monotonic.

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