[FFmpeg-user] ffserver crashes when ffplay is killed

John Q john_q61 at yahoo.com
Tue May 27 14:30:58 CEST 2014

I am streaming my webcam using ffmpeg from a windows 7 machine to ffserver 2.2.2 running on a Debian 64-bit server using H264, rtp. The stream works fine but ffserver crashes when ffplay is killed.

Appreciate any help in resolving this crash.

Warm Regards

My configurations -
1. ffserver.conf: 
Port 8094
RTSPPort 5555

<Stream test.sdp>
Format rtp
Feed feed1.ffm
VideoCodec libx264
VideoBitRate 128
VideoFrameRate 25
VideoSize 176x144

2. C:\Users\USER\Downloads\ffmpeg-2.2.1-win32-static\ffmpeg-2.2.1-win32-static\bin>.\ffmpeg.exe -f dshow -i video="Webcam C170":audio="Microphone (3- Webcam C170)" -an http://AA.BB.CC.DD:8094/feed1.ffm

3. C:\Users\USER\Downloads\ffmpeg-2.2.2-win32-static\ffmpeg-2.2.2-win32-static\bin>.\ffplay.exe  -rtsp_transport tcp rtsp://AA.BB.CC.DD:5555/test.sdp

ffserver crashes when ffplay is killed.

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