[FFmpeg-user] compiling ffserver on linux

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Wed May 28 01:41:17 CEST 2014

John Q <john_q61 <at> yahoo.com> writes:

> Here are the options I am currently using but 
> getting a crash

How is (in your opinion) compilation related to the 

While ffserver is not well maintained, please 
provide the information necessary for crashes, ie 
command line(s), console output, backtrace, 
disassembly and register content.


>  ./configure --enable-libx264 

> --enable-encoder=libx264 

This is the default and therefore unneeded.

> --enable-libvpx

> --prefix="/home/jq/ffmpeg-2.2.2/mybuild

If you are not a distributor yourself, please 
understand that only current git head is 

> --enable-gpl 

> --enable-debug

This is also the default iirc.

> --disable-stripping 

> --disable-optimizations

This is generally a very bad option, only use it 
if you know exactly why.

Carl Eugen

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