[FFmpeg-user] What is the difference between versions of ffmpeg?

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Sat Oct 4 23:32:17 CEST 2014

On Sat, 04 Oct 2014 23:09:47 +0200 "Reindl Harald" <h.reindl at thelounge.net> wrote:

> there was no insulting intention

Well, that wasn't how it came across, but I'll accept that you didn't do it intentionally.

> if someone needs a binary he can use it
> if it is not available - well, build at your own or hire somebody

> that is not insulting - that is the thruth

Except that it leaves out the third, most reasonable option - use the static build that someone else has already made the effort to create.

Maybe YOU would not do that, for whatever reasons.  That's certainly your prerogative.  My original point was that I don't see why anyone thinks that it's perfectly fine to give OS X users a static build, but hide it from the Linux users until someone is kind enough to mention it in a forum such as this one.  Either all the static builds should be linked from the download page, or none of them should.  I would definitely prefer the former, because it makes it a lot easier on users who don't have your level of technical savvy.

> get rid of "I don't even feel entirely comfortable using the command
> line because I am always afraid I will break something" because it is
> wrong - with the commandline you at least have a chance to type
> "history" and in case of seek help provide what you typed

Just because I can see what I typed doesn't mean I can fix it.  Case in point, when I installed ffmpeg (or libav masquerading as ffmpeg) from the Debian repository, it brought in a whole bunch of useless dependencies that I now realize I don't need.  But removing that version of ffmpeg didn't get rid of them, so now I am stuck with them.

> cick on a button and you have no clue what happens behind the scenes and
> if it does not end in a result you like nobody probably knows the state
> of whatever to offer help

I can't think of any instance where that has actually happened to me unless I stupidly clicked the wrong button.

> as it is the users list i am just a user

So why are you so interested in keeping the static builds hidden from Linux users?

> * the project don't offer any binary
> * so there is no binary download
> * your question was "where to get a binary"

Now you are putting words in my mouth, figuratively speaking.  I would have NEVER used the word "binary" in that way.  In fact I would not have known to ask for a static build prior to this thread.

Anyway, if the project doesn't offer it then what exactly is being offered to OS X users?

> * the answer is: whereever someone has taken the source, built one
offered the result for others

And when someone does that, IMHO it ought to be linked to from the download page, unless there is some compelling reason not to.

> no need to consider get banned by speaking frank - hopefully.

You would be surprised what little bit of disagreement it takes to get you banned in some forums.

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