[FFmpeg-user] Modern ffmpeg/libvpx generates incorrect PTS for vp9 when decode

Sagara Wijetunga sagarawmw at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 6 19:13:49 CEST 2014

> Then please also test with
> --enable-libvpx --disable-decoder=vp9 --disable-parser=vp9
> (If disabling the parser works at all, I don't know.)

Tried. No change.

I later managed to more narrow down the issue. Its the vp9 file itself having an issue. Many video packets having negative PTS values!

I presume the issue is libvpx-git is not ready yet. I'll check with webm project what options currently can be used. The libvpx 1.3.0 for vp9 is no use. Way too slow.

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