[FFmpeg-user] FFmpeg licensing

Matus Novak matusnov at gmail.com
Thu Oct 9 18:07:54 CEST 2014


I am developing open-source framework that is licensed under LPGL and it is
mainly focused on graphical usage. I am also developing addons for this
framework and one of which is video player that uses FFmpeg libraries.

My question is, if I compile shared FFmpeg libraries *without* parameters
"--enable-gpl" and "--enable-nonfree" to make it LGPL compatible, then am I
legally allowed to make DDLs available on framework`s git repository? If I
understood right, I also need to make the source code available on same
repository from which DLLs were compiled?

My last question. I am also making closed-source app that is using my
framework also with addon that uses FFmpeg libraries and clients will not
be charged for this app. In order to ship the application I also need to
ship FFmpeg DLLs with exe in order to make app properly working. I am only
using shared libraries, not static. Do I need to include FFmpeg lib source
code into application? If yes, would it be OK if I only provided link to
repository (in which DLLs with source code and my framework are) inside
app`s readmy file?

Thank you.

with regards,
Matus Novak

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