[FFmpeg-user] MXF encoding, right audio channel delayed

tim nicholson nichot20 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 13 09:34:59 CEST 2014

On 09/10/14 15:16, Alex wrote:
> Ok, I've found the cause. Sometimes it is nesscary to trim the first 5
> seconds of videofile. Therefor I use "-ss 00:00:05". The result is:
> Output #0, mxf, to 'C:\Users\FiebigA\Desktop\File_MXF.mxf':
>   Metadata:
>     encoder: FFmbc 0.7

Two observations, firstly this is the ffmpeg mail list *not* ffmbc so
not really the place to ask such questions. The common codebase for the
two projects is some way back so what is relevant for one may not be
relevant for the other.

Secondly, is your source file by any chance a .mov? Some files in this
format created by ingesting from tape have the first (and may be more)
frame flagged as being of a different duration to the actual value
calculated from the frame rate. This can cause issues for ffm*.

If you drop the whole '-ss 0' is there a difference?

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