[FFmpeg-user] Getting H264 elementary stream from mp4

Shashank Pathak shashank.pathak at einfochips.com
Thu Oct 30 12:32:06 CET 2014

Hi All,

We are having one mp4 file with h264 codec.
we want to feed this file to a video decoder but the decoder requires elementary stream.
So we tried to extract H264 elementary string from mp4 with below ffmpeg commnd,

ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -vcodec copy -vbsf h264_mp4toannexb output.h264

Now with this command we are getting h264 file but this file is not having I-frame in it.
We viewed the file in Hex editor and found that it contains,
00 00 00 01 67 --> SPS frame
00 00 00 01 68 --> PPS frame
But we couldn't find,
00 00 00 01 65 --> I-frmae.

VLC is not able to play the generated h264 file.
ffplay plays the file but very fast (higher fps).

Can anyone suggest what we are doing wrong?
or Any other method to get H264 file?

Best Regards,
Shashank Pathak
Senior Engineer | PES

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