[FFmpeg-user] How to record audio and video from FaceTime HD Camera in OSX

Jay Muthialu jay.muthialu at gmail.com
Sat Sep 6 17:25:42 CEST 2014


I could record video using  Macbook Air in built camera "FaceTime HD Camera" but it does not record audio stream. I am working in OSX 10.8 version (Mountain Lion).

Command I used to list the available devices

$ ffmpeg -f avfoundation -list_devices true -i ""

As you can see from the output it lists the FaceTime HD Camera as device ID "0". But it does not show the inbuilt microphone.

Command I used to record from FaceTime camera

$ ffmpeg -f avfoundation -r 29.97 -i "0" -y out.mov

However it only records the video stream and does not record audio output. I believe the reason is the above command does not include the input for audio stream. Can anyone advise me on how to record audio and video from inbuilt FaceTime HD Camera and inbuilt microphone in OSX?


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