[FFmpeg-user] Set chapter languages in mkv format

Da Rock ffmpeg-user at herveybayaustralia.com.au
Sun Feb 1 14:59:39 CET 2015

On 29/01/2015 06:09, Moritz Barsnick wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 29, 2015 at 01:18:24 +1000, Da Rock wrote:
>> When I input my ffmetadata file, I then go to mkvinfo and check my work;
>> what I find is that under the chapter display it shows the chapterstring
>> (as it terms it - title in other words), but under language it says und
>> (undetermined).
> Could you provide your command lines and the ffmetadata? Can you create
> a very short example (input) to demonstrate the issue?
Not to sound ungrateful, but I don't understand the reasoning on that 
response as I thought I had it made it quite clear. My question is 
specifically on how to use the -metadata flag on the command line for a 
metadata stream, which is not 100% clear in the manual/docs. Failing 
that, language variables in the ffmetadata file which translate to the 
matroska container.

However, this is my command line:

ffmpeg -i ffmetadata_chapter.file -i input.file -vf "[in] pp=de, 
yadif=1, spp=6 [out]" -codec:v libx264 -preset medium -crf 30 -movflags 
+faststart -codec:a libvorbis -qscale:a 3 -metadata:s:v:0 language=eng 
-metadata:s:a:0 language=eng -f matroska -metadata title="Title" output.mkv

The chapter file is only the basic metadata file example found on the 
trac site (this is only testing atm - I haven't set anything else up yet):

TITLE=Chapter 1
TITLE=Chapter 2

As for input, I can't tell what you mean by that in this case.

As previously mentioned you only have to look at the metadata to see the 
chapter data has a language set as und. I'm using mkvinfo, I'd assume 
you could using anything capable as it is part of the matroska format spec.

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