[FFmpeg-user] Troubles segmenting WebVTT

Deron deron at pagestream.org
Wed Feb 11 04:43:31 CET 2015

On 2/10/15 3:20 AM, Stefano Sabatini wrote:
> On date Saturday 2015-02-07 22:15:58 -0700, Deron wrote:
>> I'm trying to capture ATSC with a tuner card and stream it out via
>> HLS. I've got it more or less working, and now I would like to try
>> my hand and streaming out closed captioning in WebVTT utilizing the
>> eia 608 demuxer.
>> First, I captured 10 minutes of video to my HD. Then I used:
>> ffmpeg -f lavfi -i "movie=WPEC.ts[out0+subcc]" -map s WPEC.vtt
>> which generated a good .vtt file and then
>> ffmpeg -i WPEC.vtt -f segment -segment_time 10 -segment_format
>> webvtt -scodec copy WPEC-%05d.vtt
>> to generate segments 00000 to 00038 and it works just fine.
>> However,
>> ffmpeg -f lavfi -i "movie=WPEC.ts[out0+subcc]" -map s -f segment
>> -segment_time 10 -segment_format webvtt WPEC-%05d.vtt
>> fails to generate segments. What it generates is just one segment
>> named WPEC-00000.vtt.
>> What am I doing wrong?
>> Deron
>> Complete uncut output:
>> # ffmpeg -f lavfi -i "movie=WPEC.ts[out0+subcc]" -map s -f segment
>> -segment_time 10 -segment_format webvtt WPEC-%05d.vtt
> Use -loglevel debug, segment will generate log messages showing the
> input PTSs. Also, are you sure you have many key-frames in your input
> file?

I can't imagine how PTS or i-frames can be defined in a .vtt ? But I'm 
certainly looking for understanding! In a private email, Anshul 
Maheshwari suggested that it was incomplete in his WebVTT implementation 
and he hopes to get it resolved some day. I've started trying to just 
trace along to figure out what it is doing but it is a large amount of 
stuff to absorb at once. I wanted to learn more about HLS, so I'm not 
apposed to trying to solve the problem if it needs to be.

Thanks for your input,


ffmpeg -loglevel debug -f lavfi -i "movie=WPEC.ts[out0+subcc]" -map s -f 
segment -segment_time 10 -segment_format webvtt WPEC-%05d.vtt

ffmpeg version N-69558-g7f02fcd Copyright (c) 2000-2015 the FFmpeg 
   built with gcc 4.9.1 (Ubuntu 4.9.1-16ubuntu6)
   configuration: --enable-shared --enable-gpl --enable-nonfree 
--enable-libxvid --enable-libx264 --enable-libmp3lame --enable-libvorbis 
--enable-libfaac --enable-libopenjpeg
   libavutil      54. 18.100 / 54. 18.100
   libavcodec     56. 21.102 / 56. 21.102
   libavformat    56. 19.100 / 56. 19.100
   libavdevice    56.  4.100 / 56.  4.100
   libavfilter     5.  9.103 /  5.  9.103
   libswscale      3.  1.101 /  3.  1.101
   libswresample   1.  1.100 /  1.  1.100
   libpostproc    53.  3.100 / 53.  3.100
Splitting the commandline.
Reading option '-loglevel' ... matched as option 'loglevel' (set logging 
level) with argument 'debug'.
Reading option '-f' ... matched as option 'f' (force format) with 
argument 'lavfi'.
Reading option '-i' ... matched as input file with argument 
Reading option '-map' ... matched as option 'map' (set input stream 
mapping) with argument 's'.
Reading option '-f' ... matched as option 'f' (force format) with 
argument 'segment'.
Reading option '-segment_time' ... matched as AVOption 'segment_time' 
with argument '10'.
Reading option '-segment_format' ... matched as AVOption 
'segment_format' with argument 'webvtt'.
Reading option 'WPEC-%05d.vtt' ... matched as output file.
Finished splitting the commandline.
Parsing a group of options: global .
Applying option loglevel (set logging level) with argument debug.
Successfully parsed a group of options.
Parsing a group of options: input file movie=WPEC.ts[out0+subcc].
Applying option f (force format) with argument lavfi.
Successfully parsed a group of options.
Opening an input file: movie=WPEC.ts[out0+subcc].
detected 32 logical cores
[Parsed_movie_0 @ 0xf4a8e0] Setting 'filename' to value 'WPEC.ts'
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] Format mpegts probed with size=2048 and score=100
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] Before avformat_find_stream_info() pos: 0 bytes 
read:5013504 seeks:1
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] stream=0 stream_type=0 pid=31 prog_reg_desc=
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] stream=1 stream_type=0 pid=34 prog_reg_desc=
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] probing stream 0 pp:2500
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] Probe with size=56014, packets=1 detected ico with 
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] probing stream 0 pp:2499
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] Probe with size=112027, packets=2 detected ico with 
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] probing stream 0 pp:2498
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] Probe with size=168053, packets=3 detected ico with 
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] probing stream 0 pp:2497
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] probing stream 1 pp:2500
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] Probe with size=7680, packets=1 detected ac3 with 
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] probed stream 1
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] probing stream 0 pp:2496
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] Probe with size=280096, packets=5 detected ico with 
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] probing stream 0 pp:2495
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] probing stream 0 pp:2494
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] probing stream 0 pp:2493
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] probing stream 0 pp:2492
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] probing stream 0 pp:2491
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] Probe with size=560045, packets=10 detected ico with 
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] probing stream 0 pp:2490
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] probing stream 0 pp:2489
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] probing stream 0 pp:2488
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] probing stream 0 pp:2487
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] probing stream 0 pp:2486
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] probing stream 0 pp:2485
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] probing stream 0 pp:2484
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] probing stream 0 pp:2483
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] probing stream 0 pp:2482
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] Probe with size=1063788, packets=19 detected ico 
with score=25
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] probing stream 0 pp:2481
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] probing stream 0 pp:2480
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] probing stream 0 pp:2479
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] probing stream 0 pp:2478
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] probing stream 0 pp:2477
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] probing stream 0 pp:2476
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] probing stream 0 pp:2475
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] probing stream 0 pp:2474
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] probing stream 0 pp:2473
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] probing stream 0 pp:2472
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] probing stream 0 pp:2471
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] probing stream 0 pp:2470
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] probing stream 0 pp:2469
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] probing stream 0 pp:2468
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] probing stream 0 pp:2467
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] probing stream 0 pp:2466
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] probing stream 0 pp:2465
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] probing stream 0 pp:2464
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] Probe with size=2124506, packets=37 detected 
mpegvideo with score=51
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] probed stream 0
[mpeg2video @ 0xf4dbc0] Invalid frame dimensions 0x0.
     Last message repeated 24 times
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] Probe buffer size limit of 5000000 bytes reached
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] PES packet size mismatch
[mpegts @ 0xf4ab80] After avformat_find_stream_info() pos: 0 bytes 
read:10473616 seeks:3 frames:173
[Parsed_movie_0 @ 0xf4a8e0] seek_point:0 format_name:(null) 
file_name:WPEC.ts stream_index:-1
[AVFilterGraph @ 0xf44680] query_formats: 2 queried, 1 merged, 0 already 
done, 0 delayed
[lavfi @ 0xf45320] All info found
[lavfi @ 0xf45320] Setting avg frame rate based on r frame rate
Input #0, lavfi, from 'movie=WPEC.ts[out0+subcc]':
   Duration: N/A, start: 16458.590289, bitrate: N/A
     Stream #0:0, 21, 1/90000: Video: rawvideo (I420 / 0x30323449), 
yuv420p, 1920x1080 [SAR 1:1 DAR 16:9], 1/90000, 29.97 fps, 29.97 tbr, 
90k tbn, 90k tbc
     Stream #0:1, 20, 1/90000: Subtitle: eia_608
Successfully opened the file.
Parsing a group of options: output file WPEC-%05d.vtt.
Applying option map (set input stream mapping) with argument s.
Applying option f (force format) with argument segment.
Successfully parsed a group of options.
Opening an output file: WPEC-%05d.vtt.
Successfully opened the file.
[segment @ 0xf70c40] Selected stream id:0 type:subtitle
Output #0, segment, to 'WPEC-%05d.vtt':
     encoder         : Lavf56.19.100
     Stream #0:0, 0, 1/1000: Subtitle: webvtt
       encoder         : Lavc56.21.102 webvtt
Stream mapping:
   Stream #0:1 -> #0:0 (eia_608 (cc_dec) -> webvtt (native))
Press [q] to stop, [?] for help
[segment @ 0xf70c40] segment:'WPEC-00000.vtt' starts with packet 
stream:0 pts:2503 pts_time:2.503 frame:0
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:2503 pts_time:2.503 
dts:2503 dts_time:2.503 -> pts:2503 pts_time:2.503 dts:2503 dts_time:2.503
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:3737 pts_time:3.737 
dts:3737 dts_time:3.737 -> pts:3737 pts_time:3.737 dts:3737 dts_time:3.737
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:6139 pts_time:6.139 
dts:6139 dts_time:6.139 -> pts:6139 pts_time:6.139 dts:6139 dts_time:6.139
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:7407 pts_time:7.407 
dts:7407 dts_time:7.407 -> pts:7407 pts_time:7.407 dts:7407 dts_time:7.407
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:63130 pts_time:63.13 
dts:63130 dts_time:63.13 -> pts:63130 pts_time:63.13 dts:63130 
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:64998 pts_time:64.998 
dts:64998 dts_time:64.998 -> pts:64998 pts_time:64.998 dts:64998 
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:68669 pts_time:68.669 
dts:68669 dts_time:68.669 -> pts:68669 pts_time:68.669 dts:68669 
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:72406 pts_time:72.406 
dts:72406 dts_time:72.406 -> pts:72406 pts_time:72.406 dts:72406 
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:75943 pts_time:75.943 
dts:75943 dts_time:75.943 -> pts:75943 pts_time:75.943 dts:75943 
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:101501 
pts_time:101.501 dts:101501 dts_time:101.501 -> pts:101501 
pts_time:101.501 dts:101501 dts_time:101.501
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:110911 
pts_time:110.911 dts:110911 dts_time:110.911 -> pts:110911 
pts_time:110.911 dts:110911 dts_time:110.911
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:114915 
pts_time:114.915 dts:114915 dts_time:114.915 -> pts:114915 
pts_time:114.915 dts:114915 dts_time:114.915
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:118785 
pts_time:118.785 dts:118785 dts_time:118.785 -> pts:118785 
pts_time:118.785 dts:118785 dts_time:118.785
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:121455 
pts_time:121.455 dts:121455 dts_time:121.455 -> pts:121455 
pts_time:121.455 dts:121455 dts_time:121.455
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:124157 
pts_time:124.157 dts:124157 dts_time:124.157 -> pts:124157 
pts_time:124.157 dts:124157 dts_time:124.157
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:125592 
pts_time:125.592 dts:125592 dts_time:125.592 -> pts:125592 
pts_time:125.592 dts:125592 dts_time:125.592
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:127694 
pts_time:127.694 dts:127694 dts_time:127.694 -> pts:127694 
pts_time:127.694 dts:127694 dts_time:127.694
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:132432 
pts_time:132.432 dts:132432 dts_time:132.432 -> pts:132432 
pts_time:132.432 dts:132432 dts_time:132.432
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:134434 
pts_time:134.434 dts:134434 dts_time:134.434 -> pts:134434 
pts_time:134.434 dts:134434 dts_time:134.434
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:142576 
pts_time:142.576 dts:142576 dts_time:142.576 -> pts:142576 
pts_time:142.576 dts:142576 dts_time:142.576
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:145078 
pts_time:145.078 dts:145078 dts_time:145.078 -> pts:145078 
pts_time:145.078 dts:145078 dts_time:145.078
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:149650 
pts_time:149.65 dts:149650 dts_time:149.65 -> pts:149650 pts_time:149.65 
dts:149650 dts_time:149.65
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:152386 
pts_time:152.386 dts:152386 dts_time:152.386 -> pts:152386 
pts_time:152.386 dts:152386 dts_time:152.386
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:154621 
pts_time:154.621 dts:154621 dts_time:154.621 -> pts:154621 
pts_time:154.621 dts:154621 dts_time:154.621
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:158458 
pts_time:158.458 dts:158458 dts_time:158.458 -> pts:158458 
pts_time:158.458 dts:158458 dts_time:158.458
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:160694 
pts_time:160.694 dts:160694 dts_time:160.694 -> pts:160694 
pts_time:160.694 dts:160694 dts_time:160.694
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:163997 
pts_time:163.997 dts:163997 dts_time:163.997 -> pts:163997 
pts_time:163.997 dts:163997 dts_time:163.997
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:167100 pts_time:167.1 
dts:167100 dts_time:167.1 -> pts:167100 pts_time:167.1 dts:167100 
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:168969 
pts_time:168.969 dts:168969 dts_time:168.969 -> pts:168969 
pts_time:168.969 dts:168969 dts_time:168.969
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:171505 
pts_time:171.505 dts:171505 dts_time:171.505 -> pts:171505 
pts_time:171.505 dts:171505 dts_time:171.505
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:174941 
pts_time:174.941 dts:174941 dts_time:174.941 -> pts:174941 
pts_time:174.941 dts:174941 dts_time:174.941
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:184451 
pts_time:184.451 dts:184451 dts_time:184.451 -> pts:184451 
pts_time:184.451 dts:184451 dts_time:184.451
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:188021 
pts_time:188.021 dts:188021 dts_time:188.021 -> pts:188021 
pts_time:188.021 dts:188021 dts_time:188.021
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:189856 
pts_time:189.856 dts:189856 dts_time:189.856 -> pts:189856 
pts_time:189.856 dts:189856 dts_time:189.856
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:193260 
pts_time:193.26 dts:193260 dts_time:193.26 -> pts:193260 pts_time:193.26 
dts:193260 dts_time:193.26
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:195495 
pts_time:195.495 dts:195495 dts_time:195.495 -> pts:195495 
pts_time:195.495 dts:195495 dts_time:195.495
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:198098 
pts_time:198.098 dts:198098 dts_time:198.098 -> pts:198098 
pts_time:198.098 dts:198098 dts_time:198.098
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:202269 
pts_time:202.269 dts:202269 dts_time:202.269 -> pts:202269 
pts_time:202.269 dts:202269 dts_time:202.269
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:205105 
pts_time:205.105 dts:205105 dts_time:205.105 -> pts:205105 
pts_time:205.105 dts:205105 dts_time:205.105
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:207441 
pts_time:207.441 dts:207441 dts_time:207.441 -> pts:207441 
pts_time:207.441 dts:207441 dts_time:207.441
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:210911 
pts_time:210.911 dts:210911 dts_time:210.911 -> pts:210911 
pts_time:210.911 dts:210911 dts_time:210.911
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:213213 
pts_time:213.213 dts:213213 dts_time:213.213 -> pts:213213 
pts_time:213.213 dts:213213 dts_time:213.213
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:216049 
pts_time:216.049 dts:216049 dts_time:216.049 -> pts:216049 
pts_time:216.049 dts:216049 dts_time:216.049
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:219586 
pts_time:219.586 dts:219586 dts_time:219.586 -> pts:219586 
pts_time:219.586 dts:219586 dts_time:219.586
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:223290 
pts_time:223.29 dts:223290 dts_time:223.29 -> pts:223290 pts_time:223.29 
dts:223290 dts_time:223.29
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:225859 
pts_time:225.859 dts:225859 dts_time:225.859 -> pts:225859 
pts_time:225.859 dts:225859 dts_time:225.859
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:229663 
pts_time:229.663 dts:229663 dts_time:229.663 -> pts:229663 
pts_time:229.663 dts:229663 dts_time:229.663
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:232799 
pts_time:232.799 dts:232799 dts_time:232.799 -> pts:232799 
pts_time:232.799 dts:232799 dts_time:232.799
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:236103 
pts_time:236.103 dts:236103 dts_time:236.103 -> pts:236103 
pts_time:236.103 dts:236103 dts_time:236.103
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:238405 
pts_time:238.405 dts:238405 dts_time:238.405 -> pts:238405 
pts_time:238.405 dts:238405 dts_time:238.405
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:241208 
pts_time:241.208 dts:241208 dts_time:241.208 -> pts:241208 
pts_time:241.208 dts:241208 dts_time:241.208
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:244611 
pts_time:244.611 dts:244611 dts_time:244.611 -> pts:244611 
pts_time:244.611 dts:244611 dts_time:244.611
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:246046 
pts_time:246.046 dts:246046 dts_time:246.046 -> pts:246046 
pts_time:246.046 dts:246046 dts_time:246.046
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:249716 
pts_time:249.716 dts:249716 dts_time:249.716 -> pts:249716 
pts_time:249.716 dts:249716 dts_time:249.716
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:252419 
pts_time:252.419 dts:252419 dts_time:252.419 -> pts:252419 
pts_time:252.419 dts:252419 dts_time:252.419
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:256723 
pts_time:256.723 dts:256723 dts_time:256.723 -> pts:256723 
pts_time:256.723 dts:256723 dts_time:256.723
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:259292 
pts_time:259.292 dts:259292 dts_time:259.292 -> pts:259292 
pts_time:259.292 dts:259292 dts_time:259.292
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:270036 
pts_time:270.036 dts:270036 dts_time:270.036 -> pts:270036 
pts_time:270.036 dts:270036 dts_time:270.036
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:279913 
pts_time:279.913 dts:279913 dts_time:279.913 -> pts:279913 
pts_time:279.913 dts:279913 dts_time:279.913
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:284918 
pts_time:284.918 dts:284918 dts_time:284.918 -> pts:284918 
pts_time:284.918 dts:284918 dts_time:284.918
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:290824 
pts_time:290.824 dts:290824 dts_time:290.824 -> pts:290824 
pts_time:290.824 dts:290824 dts_time:290.824
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:295128 
pts_time:295.128 dts:295128 dts_time:295.128 -> pts:295128 
pts_time:295.128 dts:295128 dts_time:295.128
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:301434 
pts_time:301.434 dts:301434 dts_time:301.434 -> pts:301434 
pts_time:301.434 dts:301434 dts_time:301.434
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:305639 
pts_time:305.639 dts:305639 dts_time:305.639 -> pts:305639 
pts_time:305.639 dts:305639 dts_time:305.639
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:309943 
pts_time:309.943 dts:309943 dts_time:309.943 -> pts:309943 
pts_time:309.943 dts:309943 dts_time:309.943
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:312746 
pts_time:312.746 dts:312746 dts_time:312.746 -> pts:312746 
pts_time:312.746 dts:312746 dts_time:312.746
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:320520 
pts_time:320.52 dts:320520 dts_time:320.52 -> pts:320520 pts_time:320.52 
dts:320520 dts_time:320.52
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:325992 
pts_time:325.992 dts:325992 dts_time:325.992 -> pts:325992 
pts_time:325.992 dts:325992 dts_time:325.992
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:335802 
pts_time:335.802 dts:335802 dts_time:335.802 -> pts:335802 
pts_time:335.802 dts:335802 dts_time:335.802
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:339472 
pts_time:339.472 dts:339472 dts_time:339.472 -> pts:339472 
pts_time:339.472 dts:339472 dts_time:339.472
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:343176 
pts_time:343.176 dts:343176 dts_time:343.176 -> pts:343176 
pts_time:343.176 dts:343176 dts_time:343.176
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:347881 
pts_time:347.881 dts:347881 dts_time:347.881 -> pts:347881 
pts_time:347.881 dts:347881 dts_time:347.881
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:351618 
pts_time:351.618 dts:351618 dts_time:351.618 -> pts:351618 
pts_time:351.618 dts:351618 dts_time:351.618
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:358425 
pts_time:358.425 dts:358425 dts_time:358.425 -> pts:358425 
pts_time:358.425 dts:358425 dts_time:358.425
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:360961 
pts_time:360.961 dts:360961 dts_time:360.961 -> pts:360961 
pts_time:360.961 dts:360961 dts_time:360.961
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:363163 
pts_time:363.163 dts:363163 dts_time:363.163 -> pts:363163 
pts_time:363.163 dts:363163 dts_time:363.163
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:368535 
pts_time:368.535 dts:368535 dts_time:368.535 -> pts:368535 
pts_time:368.535 dts:368535 dts_time:368.535
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:371638 
pts_time:371.638 dts:371638 dts_time:371.638 -> pts:371638 
pts_time:371.638 dts:371638 dts_time:371.638
[segment @ 0xf70c40] stream:0 start_pts_time:0 pts:383483 
pts_time:383.483 dts:383483 dts_time:383.483 -> pts:383483 
pts_time:383.483 dts:383483 dts_time:383.483
[mpeg2video @ 0xf4dbc0] invalid cbp -1 at 113 46
[mpeg2video @ 0xf4dbc0] Warning MVs not available
[mpeg2video @ 0xf4dbc0] concealing 2640 DC, 2640 AC, 2640 MV errors in B 
No more output streams to write to, finishing.
[segment @ 0xf70c40] segment:'WPEC-00000.vtt' count:0 ended
[AVIOContext @ 0xf3aac0] Statistics: 0 seeks, 80 writeouts
size=N/A time=00:06:23.48 bitrate=N/A
video:0kB audio:0kB subtitle:2kB other streams:0kB global headers:0kB 
muxing overhead: unknown
Input file #0 (movie=WPEC.ts[out0+subcc]):
   Input stream #0:0 (video): 18292 packets read (56895436800 bytes);
   Input stream #0:1 (subtitle): 18292 packets read (1097520 bytes); 79 
frames decoded;
   Total: 36584 packets (56896534320 bytes) demuxed
Output file #0 (WPEC-%05d.vtt):
   Output stream #0:0 (subtitle): 79 frames encoded; 79 packets muxed 
(2192 bytes);
   Total: 79 packets (2192 bytes) muxed
18292 frames successfully decoded, 0 decoding errors
[AVIOContext @ 0xf53200] Statistics: 1091555472 bytes read, 3 seeks

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