[FFmpeg-user] Different bitrates for videos and creation of manifest files

Knapek Miroslav knapek at mmsw.cz
Mon Feb 16 11:01:39 CET 2015


I would need similar or same help.
My scenario:
I have fullHD source video AVCHD in M2TS file.

I would like to encode MPEG DASH set with valid MPD manifest for one audio 
track and three to four video tracks with different resolutions and 

I spent a week on Google without big success.
Here is my batch using ffmpeg, x264 and mp4box:

set _jmeno=sourceFileNameOnly
ffmpeg.exe -i %_jmeno%.m2ts -b:a 128k -ac 2 -vn -y audio.aac
x264 --output video_2400k.264 --fps 25 --preset slow --bitrate 
2400 --vbv-maxrate 4800 --vbv-bufsize 9600 --min-keyint 50 --keyint 
50 --scenecut 0 --no-scenecut --pass 1 --no-interlaced --video-filter 
"resize:width=1280,height=720" %_jmeno%.m2ts
x264 --output video_1200k.264 --fps 25 --preset slow --bitrate 
1200 --vbv-maxrate 2400 --vbv-bufsize 4800 --min-keyint 50 --keyint 
50 --scenecut 0 --no-scenecut --pass 1 --no-interlaced --video-filter 
"resize:width=864,height=486" %_jmeno%.m2ts
x264 --output video_600k.264 --fps 25 --preset slow --bitrate 
600 --vbv-maxrate 1200 --vbv-bufsize 2400 --min-keyint 50 --keyint 
50 --scenecut 0 --no-scenecut --pass 1 --no-interlaced --video-filter 
"resize:width=640,height=360" %_jmeno%.m2ts
md %_jmeno%
MP4Box -add audio.aac -fps 25 a.mp4
MP4Box -add video_2400k.264 -fps 25 v_2400k.mp4
MP4Box -add video_1200k.264 -fps 25 v_1200k.mp4
MP4Box -add video_600k.264 -fps 25 v_600k.mp4
MP4Box -dash 10000 -frag 2000 -rap -profile full -url-template -base-url 
"./" -bs-switching no -out %_jmeno%\dash.mpd a.mp4 v_2400k.mp4 v_1200k.mp4 

It generates some set and manifest, but it doesn't play on webserver.

Any help will be appreciated

Thanks a lot

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From: Jim Shupert, Jr.
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Subject: Re: [FFmpeg-user] Different bitrates for videos and creation of 
manifest files

> Hello,
> We have few videos, and we want generate different bitrates for those
> videos and create a manifest file for it..
> Could you please tell us the steps we need to use for this..
> Thank you,
> Ria

Friend Ria

It might be said that your request is to vague - not enough info.

lets proceed like this

1_ do you have ffmpeg installed / built ? can you run it?

2_ what are your "few videos"?
a desired answer would be like: we have dv25 in a mov or file.mp4 from a

3_ what did you wish for in " different datarates"?

A good next step is for you to look at the documentation and examples.

Try to make "something" and paste all that here.

and we will see.

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