[FFmpeg-user] Help burning DVB subtitles to video

Dragan Miljković dragan at bsnet.rs
Thu Feb 19 12:01:40 CET 2015

On 18.2.2015 23:44, Nicolas George wrote:

>> I'm trying to burn DVB subtitles to video but I always get "rectangle
>> > overflowing" error. I guess the problem is with the input video that is
>> > of resolution 544x576, but I don't know how to overcome it?
> Use a larger canvas size. It is not always the same as the video size. You
> need to check visually the result afterwards.

Thank you so much, that did it!!

Do you know is it possible to delay DVB subtitles with ffmpeg? I have
stream where subtitles come 2-3 seconds early, I wonder if that can be
fixed during the burning of the subtitles?


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