[FFmpeg-user] HLS: unstable UDP to M3U8 encoding

Matthieu Vandevyver (Tele-Signal IPTV Solutions) Matthieu at tele-signal.be
Sun Feb 22 09:43:01 CET 2015


I'm working on HLS encoding. I need a working solution before the end of this week...
Inputs are 10 UDP streams (TV Channels). I need them 24/7 encoding to M3U8 (for iPad's).

In attachment you can find these files zipped:

1.       /etc/init.d/hlsstreaming
--> This starts the 10 ffmpeg processes at Ubuntu boot.

2.       /var/www/live/1/mystream.m3u8
--> The final M3U8 file of the first process.

3.       /var/www/live/1/output.log
--> Complete output of the first process.

After 15 minutes, 1 stream went down.
After 20 minutes, 6 streams were down.
After 2 days (=now), I see 2 streams are still running. But 8 are down.

In minute 10 to 20 I watched some M3U8 files with 2 iPad's.
But the video did freeze on some M3U8's and some stopped playing after a few seconds.
But that could be our WIFI maybe... Don't know if it has to do with the initial problem that the streams/processes stop working.

FYI: I tried the forum. But someone told me to ask in the mailing list.

Thank you!

Kind regards
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