[FFmpeg-user] Compile ffmpeg for rasberry pi, raspbian.

Henrik Elkjær Hagen henrik at ristaloff.com
Tue Feb 24 12:48:22 CET 2015

Hi! I'm trying to cross-compile ffmpeg for Raspberry pi model B. I followed
the tutorial on this site:
https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/CompilationGuide/RaspberryPi . All is well
until I try to run the ./configure command for ffmpeg. Then I get these

abi-pkg-config not found, library detection may fail.

WARNING: using libx264 without pkg-config

Setting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH does not help.


I’m using Rasbian as the raspberry pi OS. And it uses armhf and not armel.
Maybe that’s what causing me problems. 


>From http://www.raspbian.org/RaspbianFAQ : 

“Raspbian is an unofficial port of Debian wheezy armhf with compilation
settings adjusted to produce code that uses "hardware floating point", the
"hard float" ABI and will run on the Raspberry Pi.”


Is it possible to compile ffmpeg for armhf? Any suggestions on how to do it?
An updated tutorial would be nice ^^ J


Any suggestions are welcome,


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