[FFmpeg-user] Re-encode mpeg2 for same quality

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Tue Feb 24 23:11:15 CET 2015

 <petesea <at> frontier.com> writes:

> How can I re-encode an mpeg2 video into another 
> mpeg2 video and preserve as much of the original 
> detail/quality as possible?

Use -qscale 2 -mbd 2 (or qscale 1).

> For example, if I do this (full output below):
>    $ ffmpeg -i video-ORIG.vob -codec:v mpeg2video 
> -b:v 16384k -maxrate 30000k -bufsize 4096k 
> -codec:a copy -copyts -f vob video-COPY.vob

Why are you using -copyts?

This seems missing the -target option afaict.
If you use it, I believe you should not use 

Carl Eugen

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