[FFmpeg-user] Fastest lossless codec and settings.

Christoph Gerstbauer christophgerstbauer at gmail.com
Thu Jan 1 21:57:14 CET 2015

"lossless" is relative ;)

if i transcode dv25 (yuv420p) to ffvhuff yuv420p it IS lossless.
if i capture a RGB screen with yuv420p it is definitive not lossless but 
you wil no ADDITIONAL have compression artefacts.
I mean always the COMPRESSION is lossless ;) like in mjpeg2000

For screen capturing in high resolution yuv420p will be enough for most 
purpuses I think.
Am 01.01.15 um 09:55 schrieb Marcus Johnson:
> No offense, but YUV420 is not at all lossless, only 444 is lossless
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