[FFmpeg-user] [ffmpeg-user] Transcode to high bitrate of Dolby TrueHD or DTS-HD Master

Andy Furniss adf.lists at gmail.com
Tue Jan 6 10:51:39 CET 2015

Xuebing Wang wrote:

> Thanks. I do not care much about the quality. I am trying to verify
> streaming HBR (high bit rate) audio via HDMI (aka HDMI passthrough,
> HBR audio streams need to go through ff_spdif_muxer, implemented in
> libavformat/spdifenc.c).

I've never tested spdif, but maybe below will somehow (I don't know how)

ffmpeg -h full | grep spdif -A 4

spdif AVOptions:
   -spdif_flags       <flags>      E....... IEC 61937 encapsulation 
flags (default 0)
      be                           E....... output in big-endian format 
(for use as s16be)
   -dtshd_rate        <int>        E....... mux complete DTS frames in 
HD mode at the specified IEC958 rate (in Hz, default 0=disabled) (from 0 
to 768000) (default 0)
   -dtshd_fallback_time <int>        E....... min secs to strip HD for 
after an overflow (-1: till the end, default 60) (from -1 to INT_MAX) 
(default 60)

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