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Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Tue Jan 6 16:36:21 CET 2015

Am 06.01.2015 um 16:28 schrieb turha71 at gmail.com:
> But when I go to the folder using FTP I see that the mp4 video is uploaded to the server, but the flv is created with a zero file size. So my problem is with the conversion and not the upload, ins’t that right?

it's off-topic here as long as you can't provide the full ffmpeg-call 
with a unstripped output - no idea if and how that's possible, my 
ffmpeg-wrappers running on servers are storing that informations 
unconditional for a few days

> Am 06.01.2015 um 16:15 schrieb turha71 at gmail.com:
>> I’m using a vídeo component in joomla that uses ffmpeg to convert mp4 into flv. The fist two worked ok and the flv as created, but the last one the flv was created but with zero size file.
>> You say this is not any ffmpef file size limitation, is that?
> for sure not and 19MB is a laughable size for a video at all
> you need to find someone who debugs the webserver / joomla component and
> most likely the upload never happens because "post_max_size" and
> "upload_max_filesize" while if that is true i call the the joomla
> component crap even create a zero-byte file instead give a clear error
> message
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>> Am 06.01.2015 um 16:06 schrieb turha71 at gmail.com:
>>> I’m new to this. never used ffmpeg before, and today I ask my server to install it, but they don’t give any support.
>>> I have upload two videos with 10Mb of sise and the flv was created ok. But then I upload a vídeo with 19Mb and the flv was created but with zero size file.
>>> Is there a file limit size by default, and if so, how to increase that?
>> upload where?
>> called how?
>> "I ask my server to install it, but they don’t give any support" sounds
>> like some managed server calling ffmpeg however - they *need* to give
>> you support, ffmpeg don't care about filesizes at all
>> i guess you exceeded limits on whatever server and the upload was
>> rejected with a broken handling (no useful error message)
>> that is *not* ffmpeg related

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