[FFmpeg-user] Converting to h.265, keeping all audio streams

cvb at kruemel.org cvb at kruemel.org
Fri Jan 9 10:25:27 CET 2015

>> Sorry, I don't get the question. Does that sound a stupid idea?
> If you want to compare then you should use the same, original source 
> for
> each encoder. As far as I can tell you're making your H.265 video from
> your H.264 video which introduces another lossy generation and makes 
> any
> comparisons inherently flawed.

Yes, I understand that. Unfortunately, these are TV recordings which I 
only have in h.264, because they are broadcasted this way. So I guess 
the best I can do is to convert those into h.265 and see if I notice any 
drops in quality.

Is there, by the way, any option to see from an h.264 movie to see which 
settings (CRF, preset, etc.) were used originally to create it (e.g. by 
the TV station)?

Thanks again, Chris

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