[FFmpeg-user] cutting and splicing

Green Koopa greenkoopa at gmail.com
Thu Jan 15 10:11:00 CET 2015

In short order I got ffmpeg to read a video, apply a few filters (crop,
color adjustments, sharpness, volume), and output a new file. The extensive
documentation is a blessing to this new user.

After applying the filters, I would like to edit the video to shorten it.
Specifically, I would like to take two non-overlapping segments from the
middle of the video and concatenate them, ideally with a fade or other

I see -ss, -t, and -to for cutting an input file and the Concat demuxer for
merging files. Would this method necessitate writing my filtered file out?
I don't see how it could allow for a transition effect.

I also see the select, split, and overlay filters. I'm not sure what else I
would need or how to put it all together. I have much experience with
images (imagemagick is great), but I don't fully grasp how to place clips
in time or how to keep audio in sync.

I couldn't find any examples of this. Where do I read next? I really
appreciate any help!

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