[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg 2.5 "Bohr" - MPEG-DASH support

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Thank you for the response,
    Well, the problem is that I'm trying to stream a real live video from a camera and display it in a HTML5 video tag, that should also work on mobile devices (including iDevices).The stream comes on rtsp support, which will work on HTML only with a plugin, live VLC. (which I really can't find it on iDevices)

    Since the mp4 has the best browser support, this would be the natural choice, but, from what I read and from the tests I've run, it seems like, the mp4 is not the best approach on a live stream (the MOOV atom is at the end of file encoding). Yes, I tried using -movflags frag_keyframe+empty_moov, also the faststart parameter, but with no luck.    
    For the iDevices I saw that there is the HLS technology, which should work. The problem with HLS is that it will have a delay(since it consists on segmenting video file in multiple fixed size length pieces, and I should first generate a part of the video, then send it to client). But still, this look like the ultimate solution.I just saw that there is this MPEG-DASH solution, and I thought this will make me avoid using HLS for iDevices and flash (FLV format) for the rest of devices, and just keep with one format.
Thank you.


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On 6 January 2015 at 03:13, Bogdan ioan Gabor
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> Hi,
> I'm a newbie, so my question can sound stupid, but...
> I’m wondering if with the new feature of ffmpeg 2.5, MPEG-DASH fragmenting muxer, I’ll beable to segment an mp4 live stream, in order to display it on an HTML5 page,using the video tag.I tried to find any useful information on how I should useMPEG-DASH fragmenting muxer, but with no luck.
> Thank you
> Bogdan Ioan Gabor

If your aim is to simply use html5, you don't need to use dash. You
can directly use the mp4 with your HTMLMediaElement.

If your aim is to use MediaSource Extension (MSE) ; then yes, use
DASH, but then your code to stream this stream becomes awfully more

Also keep in mind that if you use MSE with a sourcebuffer containing
combined audio/video, then this won't be handled properly in some web
browser: you need to use two source buffers; one for audio and one for
video: so you also need to split the audio and video and have two
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