[FFmpeg-user] Image Conversion TIFF > JPEG with yuv422 chroma subsampling

Andrea Rastelli a.rastelli at rbw-cgi.it
Mon Jan 19 17:53:34 CET 2015


I'm trying to convert a TIFF image sequence into JPEG (sequence) for 
preliminary video analysis, and I need to save the JPEG using yuv444 or 
yuv442.. but all I have achieved by now is the simple TIFF to JPEG 
conversion with some setup in the quality setting (that still produce 
blocky images, even with -q 1 or -q:v 1)..

Also, the only codec that works is the MJPEG, any other codec produces 
unreadable images or extremely slow-to-process images (libopenjpeg)..

Any help will be appreciated.


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